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Rent The Auger That Fits Your Project

To meet every need and budget, rental stores offer a variety of options for digging holes. They rent everything from manual post hole diggers for small backyard projects to the auger attachments for skid steer loaders needed to complete big, construction jobs. You can also get the best hydraulic post hole auger for sale.

Read below for more information on available rental options for digging.

One-man or two-man hand-held post hole auger: Rent a two-man post hole auger for digging larger holes than a one-man post hole auger can dig. Given their capabilities, the one-man augers handle the light-duty digging projects and the higher torque, two-man augers, the more heavy-duty projects.

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One-man towable post hole auger: Towable post hole auger rentals take about the same size bits as the portable post hole diggers do. The two augers differ in that you can use a vehicle to tow a towable auger directly to the site where you will use it. In addition, a towable auger often has a hydraulic system.

Auger attachments: Many skid steer loaders and utility tractors have compatible auger attachments. You can rent the correct auger attachment for your equipment, attach it in minutes and then dig holes as large as 36 inches wide.

Auger drill: If you need to dig smaller holes of less than 2 feet deep, then renting an auger drill might suffice. Rent an auger drill when you need to dig holes for planting many flowers at once or to fertilize a planted tree. Some gas-powered auger drills feature variable-speed drilling, as well as forward and reverse operation.

Auger Accessories: Make sure to rent the appropriate auger bits, bit extensions, digging bar and other accessories that you will need to complete your project successfully using your rented auger.