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Overcoming Fear Of Flying With Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is in use for more than a decade. It began as a tool for military, medical personnel, and police departments, as well as airliners to instruct pilots on massive six-axis simulators worth millions of dollars.

A few therapists are beginning to utilize it as a treatment to help with fears of flying. This is in conjunction with other breathing exercises that can ease anxiety, and sometimes even cure the fear of flying at the expense of lower savings. You can also navigate to to join scared of flying online course.

Virtual reality doesn't need to be costly. Prices have begun to fall as the technology is beginning to gain popularity. Virtual reality in many instances could be more affordable and efficient than taking the prescription for Xanax to relieve your anxiety. 

At present, approximately 25 percent of the population suffers from anxiety-related flying. A large number of people have been prescribed medications, breathing exercises, training DVDs as well as therapy. It is important to understand that these therapies are different for different people.

The instructor can shut it off and pause it at any time in case they notice you're being anxious. But, virtual reality offers numerous advantages like reducing costs, a safe environment, confidentiality of clients, and an opportunity to work on breathing control in a secure setting.

The course allows you to take a walk towards the airport to terminals as well as stand on the runway or even take off. You can look at the outside of your window and listen to the sounds and sensory cues of an actual airplane. Alongside virtual reality, therapists will instruct you on coping techniques to help manage your anxiety and thoughts.