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Ocho Rios Vacation A Unique Jamaican Experience

Ocho Rios is a charming town in Jamaica. Although this town was once a small fishing village, tourists who desire to experience the beauty of the Caribbean have made Ocho Rios their favorite destination.

 Ocho Rios, a Spanish term that literally means Eight Rivers, is what you'll find. Although there aren't eight rivers in the area, the town is home of many refreshing waterfalls.

Dunn's River Falls is the most important waterfall in the city. It is now an integral part of Ocho Rios holiday packages. For the best Ocho Rios holiday package you can browse through .

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  The waterfall's height is 600 feet. You can capture the beauty of the landscape with your camera and then stand beneath the falls to enjoy the freshness. 

You will find pools of refreshing water with slippery rocks at the base of the falls. This beach is as famous as its waterfall. This location is well-known for hosting weekly festivals full of music and dance.

Without beaches, your Caribbean vacation would not be complete. James Bond Beach is one of the most famous beaches in and around Ocho Rios.

This beach is a must-see when planning your holiday to Ocho Rios. It is easy to find accommodation close to the beach, as there are many luxurious villas.

 Music lovers will find the beach exciting and full of fun. Many jazz, blues, and reggae concerts are held at the beach throughout the year.