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How To Price Your Food Photography Services

In Singapore, One of the most difficult issues food photographers confront is determining how much to cost for the services they provide. There's no set cost per hour or day but rather, there's an amount that most customers are willing to pay.

This is largely contingent on the reputation and quality of the work you've done, the price your competition is charging, and the value that is perceived by your work within the market. You can find the best food photography in Singapore via

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The Creative Fee

I would not suggest charging an hourly fee, instead, a creative fee that includes not just your food styling, shooting, and editing as well as any other costs you incur, for example, food items and props. This is the amount you show to the client.

However, you must begin with a clear picture of the cost you'll require to earn an hour to pay for your expenses and earn an income. Add this to the amount of time you anticipate that it takes to finish the task from beginning to end. This is what you should cost your client.

The Cost of Commercial

When you are a food photographer you must pay for hosting fees as well as equipment and liability insurance, workers' compensation insurance, business licenses along with accounting, and software. Also, you must keep your equipment in good condition and upgrade your equipment. This means that you must factor these expenses into your daily expenses for the year. It could cost you $1000.00 each month for running your company, without the cost of studios.