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How to find the best reusable straw

First, you must determine what type of beverage you want to use your reusable straw. For example, if you plan to drink smoothies or other drinks that are thicker, it takes a straw which is wider.

You should also check whether the straw works for both cold and hot drinks if you plan to use it for both.

Reusable straws are available in a variety of materials, and each has advantages. There are many Companies like Blue marche deal with high quality reusable straws. 

reusable straws

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Here's the scoop on different materials of organic straw:

Silicone Straws: A bendy material which can easily be compressed to take. silicone straws are soft and yet durable

Stainless steel Straws – stainless steel metal reusable straws are firm and will not lose their jobs form after use. They are portable as well as dishwasher safe. 

Glass: These glass straws are easier to clean, reusable and transparent than other materials. 

Some reusable straws are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. If not, after using their reusable straws, wash them in the sink with hot water and dish soap.

If your straw does not come with a cleaner straw it recommends investing in one for easy cleaning. Scrub the inside and outside of the straw before rinse and use again.