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How to Find a Leak in Your Swimming Pool Skimmer

A leak in your swimming pool skimmer will display common and specific symptoms which will help to identify this as the problem. First, you need to consider the most common locations for your pool skimmer to leak.

The most common leak point on a skimmer is the connection where the pipe meets with the port on the bottom of the skimmer. This leak will manifest itself initially as difficulty in priming your pool pump. You can look for the services of vinyl liner replacement in long island.

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Additionally, bubbles in the circulation system will be common, and you will see this in the sight glass of the swimming pool pumps. Point the next most common leaks at the skimmer which is an internal crack that has developed from the freezing of standing water in the skimmer.

A close visual inspection will reveal this crack. Using a special two-part epoxy to fix these types of cracks is a great solution, not the job is much larger than removing and replacing the entire skimmer

Vinyl pool skimmer vessels will often leak through the gasket compression and faceplate due to improper installation, gaskets worn or loose screws in the front cover. Symptoms of leaky gaskets skimmer is the development of rust on galvanized steel wall around the mouth of the skimmer.

Concrete swimming pool skimmer often develops leaks at the joints where the concrete meets the pool skimmer mouth. The skimmer itself in concrete pools is usually buried in solid concrete three feet thick to help avoid these potential sites for water loss.