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How Motor Oil Is Better?

Which are the critical things to think about when making an engine oil comparison? Even though some might choose to solicit the feedback of the others (anecdotal evidence).

The simple fact is that it's ideal to consider technical specifications when comparing oils. This will let you decide on the oil that most fit your requirements. You can get bulk motor oil delivery via

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Technical specifications for engine oils may typically be located on the special brand's site, but occasionally it could be required to contact the company to request that they supply them.

Each specification is located with a standardized testing procedure (ASTM-American Society of Testing and Materials) and is assigned a particular evaluation amount.

There are approximately 16 specifications that you may see on the information sheet for any specific oil, though it's likely you will discover approximately 8 or 9.

Below is a brief description of each and why it is important:

•  Viscosity Index-tests the ability of the oil to maintain viscosity over a wide temperature range (the higher the number, the better the ability).

• Cold Crank Simulator-tests the speed at which a shaft can turn within an oil that is cooled to a certain temperature.

• Mini-Rotary Viscometer-tests the pumpability of the oil-how easily will the oil flow through the engine.

• Pour Point-tests for the lowest temperature at which an oil will actually flow.