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How Do Primary School Children Learn Languages?

There are a number of useful techniques or resources that can be used to teach languages in primary schools. Below are some of the ways that seem to be most successful when teaching younger children.

Primary school teaching is distinctly different to secondary school teaching because the more limited attention span of younger children must be taken into account. You can also choose best international primary school in Amsterdam for your kids via

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Engaging, active teaching is essential to ensure enthusiasm and concentration. Fortunately, this is easy to do when it comes to teaching languages as games, songs, poems and stories are all interactive and are a great introduction to new vocabulary.

Making the language fun also encourages children to feel comfortable speaking it, either with or in front of their peers; for example, when doing role-play exercises.

Embedding is another useful technique for language teaching in primary schools. This means introducing the language across other aspects of the curriculum; for example, by playing a maths game in a foreign language.

Children begin to associate the language with communication rather than seeing it as a discrete subject. Furthermore, practising a language in different contexts or for different purposes cements and improves a pupil’s understanding. Having to apply the language in specific situations is much better than just rote learning without fully comprehending the meaning.