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Guide to Singapore’s Serviced Apartments and Their Locations

Apartments in Singapore are ideal for tourists and for business executives on short-term assignments. Renting an apartment more comfortable, convenient and reasonable compared to staying in a hotel or rent an apartment in conventional terms.

Singapore apartment can be rented for 1 week and up to 2 years. Renting an apartment to help people focus on their ends without a visit into the lease, purchase/hire furniture, hire a maid, etc.

There are all types of apartments in Singapore – from the ultra-luxury apartments and chic to the budget of the apartments that are very reasonable. There is an apartment in Singapore for any and all types of travelers. You can also check the pullman residences price if you have any confusion regarding prices.

Those who book for a month or more levels can get a discount. Discount or no discount, serviced apartments are cheaper, convenient, and comfortable than a hotel room. Luxury serviced apartments contain a deluxe, 5-star facility There is a gym, pool service, laundry, housekeeping, and concierge.

Area of interest and this is right in the center of Singapore. It is a beautiful green boulevard buzzing with activity. Hotels, shopping centers, malls, entertainment venues, international schools and business offices located in and around Orchard Area.

Located very close to the Orchard area, in fact, a stone's throw, River Valley is the entertainment area of Singapore. Packed with nightclubs and restaurants, the river valley is a preferred destination of ex-pats who want their place unwinding the right of where they live.

This area has a lot of international schools as well and is therefore ideal for families who come to Singapore for one or two years.