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Free Online Book Marketing for Authors

Millions of people surf the internet and shop online to make purchases. Why not create links to promote and buy web content referring to you, your books, services, and products? Changes in the publishing industry, such as digital formats and readers, have forced publishers to struggle to survive in the digital age, leaving writers responsible for the marketing of printed books and e-books.

A solid book publisher marketing campaign can only consist of traditional methods – newspapers, magazines, book reviews, specialist articles, and quotes from literary magazines, publishing industry listings, library recommendations, book signings, public engagements, television and radio interviews, and personal appearances. You can refer to best book marketing favour for marketing your books online.

However, publishers' budgets for book promotion are so limited and becoming increasingly tight that you can bet that you can't ask for and receive a wider marketing program than your publisher offers other authors. With that in mind, explore the idea of doing your own book marketing on the internet to enhance your publisher's efforts.

To increase your online visibility, run a free online presence campaign to complement your publisher's book marketing campaign, or an independent book marketing campaign if you are self-publishing. Write and distribute press releases and articles online for free to pique your interest and your book. Add a link to this web distribution to:

To encourage web news services to select your stories for their target audience, keep your web content current and lively and should not be read as promotional material. If you follow the messaging guidelines, you may be quoted by the messaging service. Quoting increases your chances of getting a subscription or syndication.

If you recycle web content from articles and press releases you have written for posting places on the web, be sure to completely rewrite and edit your copy by adding new text, links, videos, and photos. By the way, before you use any free or paid archive service, check what features are available for uploading images and videos and adding URL links.