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Find The Best External Timber Cladding For Building

Exterior timber coverings were rough timber used on buildings such as barns and sheds. Now, timber cladding has been improved and redesigned as a great material for outdoor cladding of both residential and commercial buildings. 

Covering the exterior walls of new or existing buildings with an exterior timber cladding can be an environmentally friendly and attractive solution. You can find the finest interior wood cladding in your home.

External Timber Cladding For Building

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If you are wondering what a timber cladding wall is and how to apply it. Timber cover is made of wooden boards or planks mounted outside a two-wall construction. You will have an inner wall with a space filled with insulation, waterproof membranes, and a ventilation cavity, then an outer wall of wood cover. 

Thin boards, or battens, are attached to the inner wall to support the timber cladding wall. The construction between this outer and inner wall, and with good ventilation, makes for a building that is attractive as well as improves thermal properties.

There is a variety of wood used for the wood cover that customers need. Some wood is used, like European redwood, whitewood, and pine that needs to be treated with preservatives. 

Other woods like western red cedar, European larch, and Douglas cedar, oak are required when sapwood is removed from them. There is a very attractive timber covering these wood options. Woodworks with acoustic wall panels in many buildings.