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Facts About Powder Coating Services In Madison

Technology is always advancing and as that happens, new ways of accomplishing various processes in life are being invented. Powder coating is a surface finishing process that has proven to be more valuable than most other finishing processes such as painting. This process is accomplished using finely ground particle of resin and pigment. The surface on which the pigment is applied has to be electrically grounded while the powder has to be electrostatically charged. Here are facts about Powder Coating Services in Madison.

The application is done by way of spraying the pigment onto the substrate. Because the pigment is electrostatically charged, it adheres to the electrically grounded substrate. The pigment sticks onto the substrate until it is melted and fused onto it. This is done by heating the substrate to a given temperature. A uniform and evenly applied coating results after this. The process is conducted in a special oven.

This procedure was introduced more than 40 years ago and its popularity has grown a lot over the years. Today, many companies that manufacture industrial and household products hugely rely on this method. The high-quality and durability of the resultant finish is one of the reasons why many people and companies use this method. Products that are applied with the finish can last much more than they would without it.

The products can resist corrosion, scratches, chemicals, abrasion, and detergents very well. The finish does not peel like solvent-based paints do. It is also capable of lasting several decades before it needs to be reapplied. The entire process of application and the pigment used for coating are very cost-effective. In fact, many companies adopt this process as a way of cutting costs.

The process also features a high level of efficiency when it is done correctly. The resultant products have their value improved several times. The finish is also very beautiful and can differentiate the products of one manufacturer from those of another. Companies that use this method in an industry where competitors use traditional painting on their products stand out.

The pigments and resins used in this process are environmentally friendly. That means that they do not pollute the environment in any way. This is contrasted to what happens with ordinary painting where VOCs are released into the environment to cause pollution. Adopting this method helps companies to ensure compliance with environmental regulations. The use of this method has been approved by EPA and other bodies that regulate environmental pollution in the US.

Besides the pigment and the process being a major source of cost savings, cost savings also come from the reusability of the pigment. The pigment that falls to the ground during the spraying process can be recovered completely and reused. Even over-sprayed pigment can be recovered in the recovery unit and return into the hopper for recirculation.

Also, in case there is any waste that results from the process, it can be collected and disposed of easily and economically. Many other benefits are associated with this process. It is estimated that the popularity of this process will continue to grow into the foreseeable future.