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Everything You Need To Know About Fireplace Restoration

Your fireplace should provide warmth and atmosphere to make your home a cozy and comfortable shelter. However, fireplaces are not immune to breakage and cause problems, and if you have an old house, the fireplace may not work at all. You can also look for sebrickandblock for fireplace restoration services in Melbourne.

Repairing and restoring fireplaces can be difficult, but when you keep a safe, attractive and well-maintained chimney to keep you warm for years to come, it is worth it in the end. Here you should know everything about chimney restoration.

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Is Fireplace Restoration a Good Idea?

Not only does a fireplace help keep your house warm and utility bills down in the winter, but it also serves as a focal point in the design of the house. Your fireplace should be safe and well-maintained to avoid fires and other hazards, but it should also be beautiful and soothing.

A restored fireplace will also help raise the value of your home in case you ever decide to sell. A fireplace may be a make-or-break amenity for many buyers – and if an existing fireplace is run down, unattractive, or doesn’t work, they may cross your house off the list.

If you experience a fire due to problems with your fireplace, that’s obviously the biggest clue that it needs some restoration work. Run-down fireplaces can have combustion occur inside the chimney rather than in the firebox, causing a pretty significant emergency.

This can require major restoration work, not just to the chimney, but also to the chimney liner, hearth, and masonry.

Fireplace restoration for aesthetic purposes may be as simple as a fresh mantel or some upgraded tile or masonry work around the hearth. If you live in a historic building, there are even restoration specialists who bring period pieces back to their former glory.