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Do You Have To Use Piercing Spray To Heal Piercings?

Don’t leave your new piercing treatment to fate and hope that your piercing will heal on its own. Like all body modifications, new piercings also require TLC. So the big question is: should you use a piercing spray to treat piercings?

If you’ve heard of it but aren’t sure, you may want to clarify the truth before making a hasty decision. Additional grooming is essential to any personal grooming routine and it is always best to follow the advice of a professional piercer. You can also use the piercing aftercare spray by after inked to get your tattoo healed.

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When it comes to using the piercing spray for piercing treatment, the information out there is quite conflicting, so get the information straight from the mouth of a professional piercer. As a person with an earlobe piercing who healed in her teens and knew very little about new piercing treatments, I wanted to know what professional piercers think about using piercing spray to treat piercings.

So it seems like the best course of action is to avoid salt spray or piercing spray or saline solution – unless specifically recommended by a professional – because no one wants to apply bacteria-contaminated fluid to their new piercing like an open wound until it heals completely. If you need help after your treatment, go to your local piercing salon and get expert advice from a professional piercer.