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Challenges That Heineken Needs To Overcome To Make Its Non-Alcoholic Beer A Success

Heineken is the next largest beer company in the world.  But it needs to be the largest design.  And to get he has a sudden strategy – to create non-alcoholic beer primarily. And this week Heineken has established the Heineken 0,0'. As its name implies it is no alcohol, just 69 calories per bottle, and is currently available in 14 markets.

The notion is that the beer may draw in non-traditional markets – people who wish to consume a beer but don't need to have the alcohol content. It might be someone training for a marathon, pregnant women, or even a designated driver for the day. You can order easy-to-carry cans in bulk because cans are a preferred packaging option when it comes to retail selling.

"Our vision is to direct the growth of the market groups where the non-alcoholic beer remains modest, but it's potential for expansion, with the premium proposal," said Gianluca Di Tondo, senior manager of international brand Heineken. Having said that, there are challenges Heineken will have to conquer:

Stand out from the contest: Not surprisingly, Heineken isn't the only manufacturer seeking to break into the non-alcoholic range; a range of the major brewers has established an alcohol-free beer in the last couple of years, suggesting the increasing commitment of this business.

Convincing customers on preference: One of the principal issues faced by non and beer that is carbonated is an understanding that it tasted awful.  Historically, a class often must go hand-in-hand with all the fatigue and poor quality – and these senses are just slowly starting to change.

Remain realistic: Finally, it's essential for Heineken not to run away together with the aspirations and be realistic about what could be gained.  While the beer group is reduced without alcohol experiencing greater growth than the general beer industry, it came out of a small foundation.