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Advantage Of Spiral Notebook

Writing longhand is not as popular as it used to be, and this is no mystery. Computers have made the job of writing much easier with a faster word rate, spelling checking, thesauri, easy editing, etc. But there are many benefits to writing in longhand that is overlooked, as the method seems out of date.

I have recently found a personal preference for the notebook over the computer because it is easy to carry. You can find the finest notebooks in your area by taking references from online resources. 


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Easier to begin, and stop 

Just the flip of spiral notebook open and proceed; no more logging into, saving, placing it when you leave. The notebook is ever-ready that you pick it up, and set it down. 

Notes in margins 

No need to start new files or get individual sheets of newspaper. To get things like thoughts, outlines, notes, drawings, maps, items to edit. 

Better organization and no breaks in your writing to stop and make a document, or stop and get a piece of paper.

An opportunity to edit 

If you plan on submitting your work for publication, showing to friends, or just printing a copy, you're going to need to type it up. This gives you the chance to proofread, subtract, and add to what you've written.