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Using Paper to Contact Congress

We created a paper form that you can print and give to people instead of sending them to our web site, and once they return the form to us (by mail or fax), we’ll use our online system to send their messages for them.

ACTION ITEM #1: Download this PDF file, print it out, and ask your friends, family, and neighbors who don’t have access to computers or don’t have the time to log in, to fill in their own information and return it to us.

In addition to the messages our online tool sends to your specific representatives in Congress, you can also use the text of that message (which you can download here in plain text or download this Word file) to write your own letter to send to other Members of Congress. It doesn’t matter whether or not you live in their state or in their Congressional district, especially now, while the bill is still in committee.

ACTION ITEM #2: Write letters to members of the relevant committees to ask them to support H.R. 2417 Рthe SHIELD Act. Use the addresses listed below for any Member of Congress, add your own name and address to the letter, and mail it directly to their office in D.C.

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Support H.R. 2417

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