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Contact FERC

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) supports the findings of the Congressional EMP Commission, and EMPact America members are calling FERC commissioners to thank them for their work so far and to encourage their continued efforts to protect our critical infrastructure from threats such as electromagentic pulse (EMP) that would result in catastrophic collapse of our electric grid.

Here is a sample script you can download and use to call FERC’s commissioners (click here to download PDF).

Here are names and telephone numbers for FERC commissioners:

  • Jon Wellinghoff – Chairman of FERC: (202) 502-6580
  • Philip D. Moeller – Commissioner: (202) 502-8852
  • Tony Clark – Commissioner (202) 502-6501
  • John R. Norris – Commissioner: (202) 502-6530
  • Cheryl A. LaFleur – Commissioner: (202) 502-8961

For more speaking points and bullet-point style info about electromagnetic pulse, see the Volunteer Resources page.

Support H.R. 2417

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